2015 Scholarship awardees Zoe Royer (left), Daneille Hately and Kyle Gallup (seated right) with Hide In Plain Sight Board Members.

Hide In Plain Sight is a 501(c)3

Colorado Charity Registration No. 20153006592


By investing your hard earned dollars in our at-risk students, you will have a profound effect on the lives of these kids.  Your donation will help strengthen our community economically and give the students a chance to thrive personally. 

With your help, we can give these at -risk kids a chance to succeed and the ability to be self-sufficient.  If we don't invest in our kids today, what price will we and they pay tomorrow?.

Together we can lift our kids out of homelessness!

Where Are Our Homeless Students Found?

Castle View High School Feeder

Chaparral High School Feeder

Douglas County High School Feeder.

Highlands Ranch High School Feeder

Legend High School Feeder

Mountain Vista High School Feeder

Ponderosa High School Feeder

Rock Canyon High School Feeder

Thunder Ridge High School Feeder

Daniel C. Oakes Alternative High School

Eagle Academy Night High School

STEM Charter High School

* a feeder system is elementary, middle and high schools

There were 910 homeless students in the Douglas County School District last year representing every grade from Pre-K to 12, in every one of the nine school systems, and homeless high school seniors in each of our high schools.


HIPS partners with the Douglas County School District to provide scholarships to homeless high school seniors to continue their education after graduation.  These scholarships provide opportunities to attend college or a vocational school, giving the student a real chance for success.  The ultimate mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by lifting them up to become contributing members of our community.

              Keep the Power on

Many families in Douglas County struggle to pay their utility bills.  This issue further exacerbates our students' abilities to succeed because they don't have a warm place to thrive and study.  And unfortunately, the non-profit organizations in our county that provide utility assistance run out of funding within days of the first of each month.  Our goal is to raise awareness about these issues and to provide funding to assist these families and our kids during these challenging times.

    The multiplier factor for food

HIPS provides communications, public relations and fundraising services to support local food banks in Douglas County.  Please visit our donate page to see how you can nearly quadruple a $1.00 donation and change the life of a child.  During the summer months these at-risk students do not have the free or reduced breakfast and lunches they are afforded during the school year.

Food banks served include Fresh Harvest, Douglas/Elbert Task Force, and SECOR.

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Community Partner-Christian Bros. Automotive-Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch and Parker sites.  Bring your $15 donation receipt or make a $15 donation at one these 3 sites and receive a $30 discount on a car service order over $100 during June and July 2016.

VISION STATEMENT: To be the best at providing scholarships and emergency financial assistance to homeless students and their families.

In 2005 there were over 12,000 homeless students in the state of Colorado.  That number grew to over 18,000 in 2010 and exceeded 24,000 in 2015..

We offer three services; providing scholarships to homeless seniors for future success, helping to keep the power on for students to study and keep warm in the winter months, and helping the food banks in their time of need-especially in the summer months when our students are out of school and there is no replacement for the meals they receive at school during the school year.

.MISSION STATEMENT:  to raise awareness and funding for students in the areas of education, food and shelter, who are at risk due to domestic, health or economic conditions beyond their control.