Robin Hood Scholarship Program


No student should have to miss out on opportunities afforded to others, especially when it comes to fee-based extracurricular activities offered at the school level. The Pre K through 12th-grade scholarship program serves to level the playing field so all students, no matter their financial situation, can gain access to school-sanctioned extracurricular programs designed to enhance their education and enrich their lives.  Possibilities may include funding for field trips, before and after school clubs, fine arts, athletics, school supplies and more!


Scholarships are awarded on an individual basis to qualifying applicants and are subject to approval by the HIPS Board of Directors.  Requests take approximately one week to process with funds disbursement made directly to the student’s school of attendance.


Criteria include:


  • a completed application filled out by the student, student's parent or school employee that includes a brief description of family need.

  • input from a designated school official responsible for the extra-curricular activity. 


 Please email Joe Roos, Founder/Executive Director, for more information. 


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