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Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom

April 2018

Christian Automotive Brothers 

Watch Christian Automotive Brothers' short clip

April 2018

Payton Lascor's Story

Watch Payton Lascor's testimonial on support received from Hide in Plain Sight

December 2017

Zoe Royer's Story

Watch Zoe Royer's story and learn about her experience with Hide in Plain Sight

December 2017

Interview at 4CBS Denver

Together 4 Colorado

November 2019

Hide In Plain Sight

The Executive Director's Comments at the 2019 Charity Benefit Gala


November 2019

Colorado Gives Day

Watch an overview of Hide in Plain Sight and some of our students - prepared for Colorado Gives Day

December 2017

Jessica Reedy's Story

Watch Jessica Reedy's story - prepared for the Gatsby Glam Gala benefit event

October 2016


Homelessness On Campus
CBS News

This CBS Sunday Morning feature story on college student homelessness and hunger are the very reasons Hide In Plain Sight was founded. We are glad to see focus on this issue to raise awareness. Hide In Plain Sight continues to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty through education. Hope you will give this story a view and it’s message encourages you to make a donation that will help Hide In Plain Sight continue it’s mission.

"For tens of thousands of college students in America, the toughest test they face is the lack of housing, or even food, as they try to succeed in class without a proper place to sleep."

Watch Video and Read Full Story Here


January 2019

Hide In Plain Sight Expands Its Reach
Douglas County News Press

Douglas County made news recently when word spread it has achieved the lowest rate of child poverty in the nation. That doesn’t mean child poverty is a non-issue at the local level, according to county officials and a local man who in 2015 started a nonprofit to serve Douglas County’s homeless students.  Joe Roos began Hide in Plain Sight, also known as HIPS, with aspirations of eradicating student homelessness, starting in Douglas County...

December 2018

The Long Road of the Reformer: An Interview with Joe Roos
Nations News Press

Joe Roos remembers looking under the hood of his family’s used car at age 16 with his dad. This wasn’t the first time the car had given them trouble, nor was it the first time that their neighbor Jim Finnigan, a used car dealer, came over to offer his help after seeing their heads disappear beneath the hood....

April 2018

Interview with with Adam Morgan of Bonneville Broadcasting
KOSI, KYGO, KEPN and KKFN Stations

Interview with Joe Roos, founder of Hide in Plain Sight

September 2017

Hope Thrives Here - Hide in Plain Sight
Castle Pines Connection

The numbers are startling. Despite being one of the wealthiest counties in the country, 100 percent of all Douglas County high schools and middle schools have homeless students...

August 2016

Nonprofit gives hope to homeless, Less fortunate Douglas County students receive scholarships
Douglas County News Press

Douglas County may be one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, but it isn't immune from homelessness. Despite being named the eighth-richest county in the country by Forbes magazine in 2014, last year 910 students in Douglas County schools met the criteria for homelessness. Joe Roos wants those students to know someone believes in them...

June 2016

Homeless in Douglas County: Scholarships aim to boost students in need
Highlands Ranch Herald

When Joe Roos, 61, worked part-time for the Douglas/Elbert Task Force, he saw a trend in the county’s homeless population: Of the 15,000 people the task force served, about 40 percent were children...

November 2015

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